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R2 RADIO W/ Dj Qbert (Flashback Episode)

今週のR2 Radioは大好評につき、フラッシュバックエピソードをお送りします!今回のスペシャルゲストは2015年にThre3styleで来日していたスクラッチDJの天才「Dj Qbert」の独占インタビュー!日本のラジオ放送でしか聞けなかったエピソードを公開します!放送は12月14日(金)お昼12時から PharcydetvのHPより視聴できます♪Since we got such a great response from our Flashback episode last week, we decided to release another one today! This week our flash back interview is with Turntablist and producer, D-Qbert! We got a chance to sit down with Dj-Qbert a couple years ago at the Red Bull studios in Tokyo and had a great discussion! This interview only aired on the airwaves in Japan the but for the first time, we’re releasing the full bilingual version for you all to hear it. Check out our flashback interview with Dj Qbert today on the Pharcyde Tv Network!

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