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Episode 2 Guest: Dj PMX

DJ PMXデビュー30周年記念特集!]

R2 RADIO EP.2(7月6日(金)午後12時放送)

R2 RADIO EP.1「DJ KRUSH」のプレビューインタビューに続き、EP.2は80年代から日本のウェストコーストHIPHOPの中心に立ち、数多くのアーティストをプロデュースしてきたヒップホップ・プロデューサーの「DJ PMX」を独占インタビュー!30年間のキャリアや新プロジェクトまでみっちりトーク!ホストのRISA と ROROが国際視点からDJ PMXに迫る!

[Dj PMX 30th Anniversary special] This week on R2 RADIO we bring you episode 2 where we interview the legendary Dj, Producer, and pioneer for west coast Hip-hop in Japan, Dj Pmx. Dj Pmx stopped by the show to talk about his current projects, his story and to celebrate 30 years of being in the music business. We have an exciting show prepared for you all so you don’t want to miss our next episode. Be sure to check out the release of episode 2 this Thursday(USA) at 8 pm (PDT) and Friday (Japan) on the Pharcyde Tv Network! More info below!


Japan: July. 6 (Fri) 12: 00(JST) ~

USA: July. 5 (Thur) 20: 00 (PDT)~

Broadcasting source:(PharcydeTV) or download the

official Pharcyde app in the google play or

IOS app store.

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