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Risa's Select - Ep1 -aimi

12月18日(金)お昼12時放送!R2 Radio presents “Risa’s Select” Risaがオススメしたいアーティストや音楽、アイテム、アートなどをセレクトしてインタビュー形式でご紹介する新番組がスタート! Ep.1は今月9日にNew single “Fight No More”をリリースしたRnBシンガー”aimi”さんをゲストにお迎えし、キャリアについてや1st EP ”Water me”の製作ストーリーについてなど色んなお話をお伺いしました!是非お楽しみに!放送情報は文末をチェックしてね↓ This week we’ll be playing the first episode of Risa’s Select. This is a show where R2 Radio host, Risa Kumon will be bringing you exclusive interviews, and a selection of topics and things from around the world that she likes. On the first episode, she will introduce aimi. aimi is a Japanese singer and songwriter who has just released some new music and is making a name for her self in the world of RnB. In this interview, she’ll talk about her start, her ep and more so we hope you all tune in this week on the pharcyde tv network. Airtime info below. Airtime: Japan: Dec. 18th, (Fri)12:00(JST) USA: Dec. 17th, (Thur)20:00 (PDT)~ Broadcasting source: (PharcydeTV)


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