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R2 Radio Presents "Risa's Select"

🚨 New show alert!🚨 .

R2 Radio presents “Risa’s Select”

Risaが紹介したい!と思うアーティストやアイテム、音楽、アートなどをインタビュー形式で紹介する番組がスタートします!是非お楽しみに🎵 R2 Radio presents, Risa’s Select. R2 RADIO host, Risa Kumon has branched out to start a new show called “Risa’s Select”. On this show presented by R2 Radio, she’ll be bringing you exclusive interviews, and a selection of topics and things from around the world that she likes. The 1st episode will air this week so stay tuned for more details.


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