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R2 Radio - Ep17 - Mamino Yorita

R2 Radio New EP “Mamino Yorita” in Kyoto 1月の新年エピソードは尺八奏者の寄田真見乃さんをお迎えして、京都・祇園にある京都レストラン”津田楼”より独占インタビューをお届けします!真見乃さんは異例の16歳で全国最年少の琴古流大師範を充許し、初シングル「初音」は米国最大の楽器博物館『MIM』に展示されるなど、国際的に活躍されている京都出身の日本伝統音楽家です。生演奏も含め、貴重なインタビューを是非お楽しみに!放送日程は文末をチェック↓ This week we have a brand new episode! The 1st episode of 2021 is with prominent Shakuhachi Player, Mamino Yorita. Mamino Yorita is a shakuhachi (Japanese Bamboo Flute) player that was seen as prodigy after being the youngest ever to become a Tozan Ryu Master and grand master at the age of 16 years old. She has played for thousand around the world and even got lessons from the living national treasure, Reibo Aoki II. On our show, We went to Tsudaro in Gion, Kyoto to talk to Minano about her journey, thoughts on the Shakuhachi genre and even got a live performance from her. This was a fun interview so we hope you all tune in, this week on the pharcyde tv network. Airtime info below. Airtime: Japan: Jan. 15th, (Fri)12:00(JST) USA: Jan. 14th, (Thur)19:00 (PDT) ~ Broadcasting source: (PharcydeTV)


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